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  Energy Audits

Energy Audits

Reducing Energy Costs...

...Increasing Energy Efficiency


Energy Audit Advantages

Our energy audit program is designed to encourage the use of high-efficiency space and water heating equipment, central air conditioning, lighting and other measures in commercial buildings. Our audits help identify economically viable improvements that yield substantial annual energy savings. The installation of new energy-efficient equipment will save money on energy bills and can make businesses more profitable and conducive to expand. Energy-efficient equipment can also help delay the need for upgrades on the customer’s electrical facilities, additional generating capacity, and help reduce the demand on the natural resources needed to produce energy.

What's involved with an Energy Audit?:

  • We survey all equipment, electrical, lighting, controls systems, and building structural elements

  • We consult with you on strategies to reduce energy and water use costs

  • We create an energy model of your facility that will predict future energy bills

  • With our energy model, we can then predict how changes to your building, equipment, and systems will effect future energy bills

Environmental Services of Charlotte’s core business is Proactive Maintenance. For over 24 years we have been helping our clients save money and reduce downtime by keeping their equipment running at peak performance. Our energy audits are one of many programs we offer to help you be more energy efficient. Call us today so we can help save you money by being proactive! (704) 596-7986 or (800) 596-9886.