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Turning up the heat on HVAC services

Environmental Services and EMCI provides a full line of HVAC service and installation offerings. We utilize highly trained technician professionals to service, repair and install all types of commercial HVAC equipment and systems. With over 40 trucks in our fleet, we maintain quick response times.

What we do

We currently serve many small, medium, and large commercial locations in the Charlotte area.

HVAC Services and Installation

Environmental Services of Charlotte offers top-notch maintenance programs along with the service, replacement, and installation offerings for all kinds of installations.

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Two of the largest energy consumers in your building are HVAC and lighting. Both Environmental Services of Charlotte and EMCI are unlimited license electrical contractors offering a variety of electrical services to help your building become more energy efficient.

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Infrared Imaging

Infrared thermography plays a key role in maintaining your equipment. Visual examinations and inspections do not reveal the same level of detail that is gathered through infrared inspections.

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The overall goal of installing a building automation system is to reduce the building’s energy consumption while increasing the comfort of the building’s occupants.

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We’ve been building for over 35 years

Matter of fact, we just hit our 37th anniversary, and the leadership of Environmental Services has remained steadfast and consistent in its growth. With the help of James Grindstaff and David Hansen taking over day to day responsibilities in recent years, we’re only getting stronger.

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