Building Automation Systems

Buildings can have complex HVAC and energy management needs. Today’s buildings cannot operate efficiently without Building Automation Systems (BAS), also referred to as Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) or Building Control System (BCS), which have become vital in maximizing efficiency, sustainability and profitability. These systems integrate HVAC controls with a building’s lighting, security and other Internet of Things (IoTs), essentially creating a “smart” building.

The overall goal of installing a building automation system is to reduce the building’s energy consumption while increasing the comfort of the building’s occupants. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you meet your building’s temperature, humidity, ventilation and energy management needs.

We provide monitoring of critical equipment so that we can respond to an issue before you are even aware that there is a problem. We can provide a web- based interface so that the entire system can be centrally monitored and controlled from any computer.

HVAC controls have evolved over the years. One of the biggest challenges involves converting from pneumatics to DDC. Environmental Services’ control technicians are well-versed in both the old technologies as well as the newest, state-of-the-art options available today. We can service, convert and replace your antiquated controls to bring your buildings into the 21st Century.

Our technicians are committed to providing you the technology and expertise to help your building run most efficiently.

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