LED Lighting Upgrade Projects

Lighting is what we refer to as the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to energy savings. With LED coming down in cost and becoming more efficient, it is the quickest way to save on energy costs while recouping your return on investment in a very reasonable time frame. We will work with you on obtaining Duke Energy rebates, which helps decrease the payback period as well.

Utilizing controls on your lighting adds another layer of energy savings, especially in areas where existing lighting stays on 18-24 hours a day. We find energy savings of 50%-75% in areas like parking garages, where typically all of the lights are burning 24×7. A lot of those areas are only occupied a few times within that period and controls can dim the lighting until it senses motion. Daylight harvesting is another way to save energy as it looks at the light levels coming from the sunlight and adjust the lighting as necessary, which sometimes means turning the lights off completely.

Our experienced and highly trained electricians and support staff can take care of any job you have, whether it’s installing new office lighting fixtures or retrofitting your existing fixtures. We are experts in parking garage and lot lighting and have performed many of these types of projects around the Charlotte area.

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